“Pollen” by thebrotheregg (unreleased song)


“Timepiece” by Class M Planets  (animation)


Collaboration with The Plastic Harmony Band June 2016


Morbidland: Guignolfest 2015 Halloween Short

Gravedigger : Guignolfest 2014 Halloween Short


(above) Icky Fever: Guignolfest 2013 Halloween Short


(above) 2012 teaser trailer for the Goignol 72 Hour Horror Movie Festival at Portland, Oregon’s Red Flag. Produced by Adam Goldman.

(above) 2011. thebrotheregg video for “Kilowatt Hours”. As of yet not released on any albums. Produced by Grilch.

(above) 2011. Twinklelingus video for “Tattoo Detective”. Produced by Adam Goldman

(2013) Class M Planets video for “Aquarius” from the upcoming album “Deerpath” to be released 2013 or 2014. Cover Artwork by Cary Porter.

(above) thebrotheregg video for “How a Flower’s Last Wish Begins”. Done during a transitional phase of the group. Recorded mostly on casio keyboard and broken toy piano. Produced by Adam Goldman.

(above) “Blueberries” by thebrotheregg. From the album with the bugs on it.

(above) “Theta Clear” by thebrotheregg from the album “Aortica Mor”.

(above) “She said No (Yeah-Yeah)” by Portland, Oregon’s The Bugs. Done by Adam Goldman and Paul Haines at the Tree Fort Lounge 2012. (below) Another video of the Bugs. “F**ked Up F**k Up”