Animation short
Sci-fi Testing Part 2.
stills from thebrotheregg video : “Pollen” (work in progress)
Sci-fi Testing Part 1.

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Secede Now!

June 2016:
From the new Plastic Harmony record,
Voyage of the Angernaut


March 2016:
Lighter Life: A ‘lil lip-syncing with cute characters.



November 2016:

MORBIDLAND:  Guignolfest 2015



August 2015:

Here is the new thebrotheregg video ! This song hasn’t been released yet on an album.
Feel free to watch over and over. There’s lots of details and visuals !

July 2015: We’re working on some horror images. dark faeries are hot !!!! More of this, yes, I hear ya!



Holloween short :


Class M Planets – “Timepiece” video :


“Mean Faeries” – Teaser Trailer

Sci-fi Testing Part 2.