Showreel 2020

Here is an updated showreel for 2020. I am very excited about this. Lots of experiments since I have started doing animation a few years ago as well as some music video mentality. I have recently dove into stop-motion animation and it is such a thrilling universe. It takes lots of crafting and I hope to get my friends involved for more elaborate projects.
My main thing, I think, is motion capture. I seem to like that quite a bit. It’s fun putting together scenes and giving life to things. I like when people give me models to animate but it’s fun building them too. There are some photogrammetry experiments here as well that manifested quite successfully. That process is a bit tricky. I had success with some antiques that are now digital replicas, mostly. I want to do a sci-fi epic. Anyhow, here is some work to check out. More completed projects to come in 2020 !

oh, here is a RESUME