Guignolfest 2018

October was a busy month this year ! I decided to participate again in Portland’s Guignolfest which is our 72 hour horror festival in which teams form and rush through a 72 hour production frenzy to create and complete a short film of 6:66 minutes length. In the past, I have made intro films to celebrate the festival with weird, often psychotic, shorts. If you look in my previous film section, you will find a few years of Guignolfest shorts which I always love doing. This being the tenth year of Guignolfest, I have decided to make another quick one.

So: Below are the two videos, the one intro video for Guignolfest and the other the 72 hour submission from the team I was on, ‘Dylan, Grab My Hatchet’ and our ‘psychological’ short, “What Happened to You, Girl?”

2018 intro tribute:


“What Happened to you, Girl?”